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Old Larkhall Book

Old Larkhall Book

SKU: 10087

If you're from Larkhall, then there's probably a picture of one of your relatives in our new book. There's the local Boys Brigade and Girls Guildry, photos of more than half a dozen local sporting groups, including Royal Albert football team and Birkenshaw Quoiting Club, and all sorts of other school and work groups. James Hamilton has gone to great pains to identify the people in the photographs, and the vast majority of individuals are named. Local myths such as the story of the ghost that haunts the ruins of Broomhill House, and personalities such as Harry Dawson make this a really interesting read, with lots of in-depth text accompanying the wide range of pictures. The neighbouring villages of Netherburn, Ferniegair, Allanton, Millheugh, Summerlee and Swinhill have been included too.


Author : James Hamilton
ISBN : 9781840331745
Cover : paperback
Price : �10.95


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