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Isle of Skye Scots Pine Reed Diffuser

Isle of Skye Scots Pine Reed Diffuser

SKU: 10557

A fresh and woody fragrance from the forest with a heart of Scots pine, bog myrtle and rosemary.  The base is soft and comforting while top notes of peppermint, orange and patchouli ensure this scent will invigorate and refresh.


Scent info:

It’s not easy being green. But we try our best. Besides bringing the smell of the pine woods into your home, our Scots Pine candle was a part of a collaboration with Woodland Trust for the restoration of Loch Arkaig forest. The combination of the woody scent of the evergreens with the herbal notes of bog myrtle and rosemary creates a soft and warm aroma, which together with the flicker of a candle light is an immediate boost of cosiness. 


Fill your home with the unique scents of our Scottish Collection.  Effortlessly bringing scents inspired by the Scottish Highlands into your home day in, day out, our Reed Diffusers will last for approximately 10 weeks.

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